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Imagine...Financial Freedom!

Ready to live the lifestyle you've always dreamed of?

We offer a proven, award-winning program called the Money Max™ Account that has helped over 70,000 people become debt-free in as little as 1/2 to 1/3 the banker's scheduled time while saving up to tens of thousands of dollars in interest. 

The Money Max™ Account is an online personal education and finance system. It pulls all of your financial information into one central location and uses advanced banking strategies to generate a realistic, reliable, dynamic plan to guide you to the fastest method of eliminating debt and creating wealth for you and your family.  

Consider the power of the GPS in your vehicle. Who would want to take a trip without it? The Money Max™ Account is like a GPS for your finances. It offers the same convenience, efficiency, and competency that we have learned to rely on in our travels. This financial tool is like having hundreds of accountants working on your personal finances 24/7 to provide you with the quickest, most effective path toward financial freedom.


Schedule your free consultation today to learn the month and year when you can be debt-free, without changing your lifestyle.

Penny's story about becoming debt-free


What I love about this GPS is--- even though we have gone through some really hard times, especially with the fall of the economy, we have always been confident in our financial decisions because we have always put our scenarios in before we have actually done the financial transaction to make sure that the outcome is always a positive outcome. 

Paul's story about becoming debt free


It was like putting our financial future

in a microwave, not a crockpot. 

It has already saved us $8,098.66 in February and by November it is projected to save us $13,370.42.

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Pete's story about becoming debt free


I had 36 years left on my mortgage and I'm 66 years old. That's not a great future. If I follow what the program tells me to do I will eliminate 30 years on my mortgage and I will be totally debt-free in 6 years...on the same budget that I'm on right now. This is the most powerful thing I've ever seen.

Calendar with Your Debt-Free date

Discover the Date
YOU can be Debt-Free

In less than 60 minutes, we can run a free savings analysis to let you know the month and year when you can be debt-free. Schedule your free savings analysis today. Your financial freedom depends on it.

Free ebook about debt elimination software

Free eBook

Your free ebook is available through United Financial Freedom. Click the button below to be redirected to the Bozer Financial Solutions, Money Max™ account website powered by United Financial Freedom. Your free ebook awaits. 


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