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Motion Is My Lotion | Promoting Exercise for Seniors

Stay active, stay happy!

A client was telling me about his past six weeks of inactivity after his surgery. "I feel so stiff after sitting around for the last month and a half. I need to get back to work. Motion is my lotion," he said. What a catchy slogan! I could not agree more!

Several years ago, my mother said essentially the same thing. She walks at least two miles every day, rain or shine. "If I don't walk, I feel so stiff getting out of bed in the morning. I need to keep moving," she said, and she encouraged me to do the same. When she is in Florida during the winters we meet at the gym every weekday morning and workout together. Motion is our lotion too, we just never heard it put that way before.

Not only do I see the good that being active brings to me, my parents, our clients, and other seniors, but I also witnessed the decline in the lives of some of my loved ones when they decided they had "graduated" or "earned the right" to stay seated in a chair all day long. First, it was harder and harder to get out of the chair. Then it was harder to move from the chair to the bedroom. My relative decided to stay in her chair day and night. We will not go into the details of what that did to her neck as she slept with her chin to her chest and how the lack of REM sleep affected her mind.

During recovery after a stroke, another relative of mine was instructed by her physical therapist (PT) to walk around inside her home from the family room, through the kitchen, to the living room, and back to the family room. The layout of her home provided the perfect indoor track. We encouraged her repeatedly to take the walk several times a day, as instructed by the PT. She would tell us, "I've worked hard all my life. I deserve to rest. I've earned it." And she was right. She had always been a hard worker. But choosing a sedentary lifestyle lead to her further decline. Having witnessed this first hand, I now promote exercise for seniors with a new fervor.

The benefits of staying active are numerous: heart health, improved mobility, increased strength, greater bone density, improved balance which decreases the risk of falling, weight control... and what's more, it's FUN! Staying active can help bump up the production of your brain's feel-good transmitters, called endorphins. Taking a brisk walk can help you relieve stress. You may find yourself smiling more, singing more, or whistling a tune. You begin to feel better about yourself and about the world around you as you take better care of you.

Let this catchy phrase remind you--Motion Is My Lotion! Do something today to keep your body moving because...if you don't use it, you lose it. Have a joy-filled day!

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