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4 Things Every Good Medicare Advisor Should Offer

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

As you are nearing your 65th birthday, you likely receive a lot of mail and email offering you advice about how to select your Medicare plan. Here are four things you should look for when you choose a Medicare Advisor:

  1. KNOWLEDGEABLE - Let's face it, Medicare can be confusing. You will want to find an advisor who studies the ins and outs of Medicare and is able to present the facts to you in a way that is easy to understand.

  2. PROVIDES ONGOING CUSTOMER SERVICE – If you have questions or run into problems throughout the year, you want someone you can call to get answers. Unfortunately, many advisors help seniors find a policy and never hear from them again. Find someone who will be around if you hit any bumps in the road.

  3. APPOINTED BY THE MAJOR CARRIERS – You may be approached by a representative who promotes plans from only one carrier. They are called captive agents. They promote the same plans to everyone, regardless of your specific needs. We recommend that you find a representative who will evaluate the plans of multiple carriers to search for a cost-effective plan with the most comprehensive coverage that meets your specific needs.

  4. CARING – You can always tell when someone is "in it for the money" versus when someone cares about you. Look for an agent who is kind and compassionate, with your best interest at heart.

Here are some comments from our clients to give you an idea of who you will be working with if you select John Bozer as your agent:

"Thank you for all your help when I turned 65. Never had insurance. You found the best plan for me, taking all the worries out of it. Your more than my Insurance Agent your more like family. Bless you." -LL, Sarasota, FL
"Just a note to thank you for all your help. Giving me peace of mind. You sat with me for many hours going over plans finding the best. Never made me feel like you were just trying to sell me just any insurance plan. Trying to retire was so easy with your help. You were sent from God to me. Thank you my friend. No you are more than that you are family." -EB, Sarasota, FL
"Thanks for your reply and for the research you conducted seeking a Drug Plan Part D that would work for me. So that's the plan I had chosen and had already signed up for so I'm grateful that your assessment concluded the same. And--I love being able to save the $350! I will keep your business card just in case something else arises in the future. Your expertise is obvious and your knowledge of the material you are analyzing are valuable to your clients." - LM, Sarasota, FL

If you would like assistance with selecting your Medicare plan, call John at (941) 315-5801 or click here to schedule your FREE Medicare Review. We are happy to help you.

Your Licensed Medicare Specialist

John Bozer, MBA Independent Medicare Insurance Representative

PHONE: 941.315.5801 • EMAIL: WEBSITE:

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